Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

Pets are more than just animals; they are a part of our family. And just like family, we want to provide them with the best care possible. One essential way to take care of our furry friends is by ensuring they have access to clean and fresh water at all times. This is where pet fountains come in, providing a continuous flow of water that can help encourage our pets to drink more and stay hydrated. However, with so many pet fountains available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your pet. That's why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Finding the Ideal Pet Fountain: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

When it comes to choosing a pet fountain, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best one for your pet's needs. These include size, type, features, price, and maintenance. Let's dive into each of these factors in detail to help you find the perfect pet fountain for your furry companion.

Essential Considerations for Selecting a Pet Fountain

Before delving into specific details, there are a few crucial things you'll want to keep in mind when choosing a pet fountain.


The size of the fountain will depend on the size and breed of your pet. It's essential to consider this factor because you don't want to end up with a fountain that is too small for your pet or too large, taking up unnecessary space in your home. Additionally, the size of the fountain will also determine its capacity, which is an important aspect to consider as well.


There are two main types of pet fountains: gravity-fed and electric. Gravity-fed fountains rely on the natural force of gravity to circulate the water, while electric fountains use a pump to circulate the water continuously. The type of fountain you choose will depend on your pet's preferences, your budget, and your lifestyle. Gravity-fed fountains are generally more affordable and don't require electricity, making them a suitable option for those on a budget or looking for a simple and low-maintenance option. On the other hand, electric fountains may be a better choice if your pet prefers running water or if you have multiple pets sharing the same fountain.


Some pet fountains come with additional features that can make them more convenient and effective. These features may include filters, UV lights, and nightlights. Filters can help keep the water clean and free from impurities, while UV lights can eliminate bacteria and algae growth. Nightlights can also be helpful if you have a senior pet who needs to access the fountain at night. Keep in mind that these features may add to the cost of the fountain, so consider which ones are necessary for your pet's needs before making a purchase.


Pet fountains range in price from $20 to $200. The price will depend on the size, type, and features of the fountain. It's essential to set a budget and consider which features are most important to you and your pet before making a decision. Remember not to compromise on quality for a lower price, as a high-quality fountain is an investment in your pet's health and well-being.

Types of Pet Fountains: Exploring Different Options

Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

As mentioned earlier, there are two main types of pet fountains: gravity-fed and electric. Let's take a closer look at each of these types to help you determine which one may be the best fit for your pet.

Gravity-Fed Pet Fountains

Gravity-fed pet fountains work by using gravity to circulate the water. They feature a reservoir where the water is stored and then released into a basin or bowl. As your pet drinks from the basin, the water level drops, triggering the release of more water from the reservoir. These fountains are usually made of plastic and are affordable and easy to maintain. One of the main benefits of gravity-fed fountains is that they don't require electricity, making them ideal for power outages or outdoor use. However, they do tend to be noisier compared to electric fountains, which may bother some pets. They also have a smaller capacity and may not be suitable for multiple pets.

Electric Pet Fountains

Electric pet fountains use a pump to circulate the water continuously, providing a constant flow of fresh water for your pet. They come in various designs, materials, and sizes, making it easier to find one that suits your pet's needs and your home's decor. Electric fountains often have larger capacities and are suitable for multiple pets. Some models also come with adjustable flow settings, allowing you to customize the water flow according to your pet's preference. While these fountains may require electricity to operate, they are usually energy-efficient and quiet when running. However, they may need more maintenance, such as regular filter changes, and they tend to be pricier compared to gravity-fed fountains.

Determining the Right Size and Capacity for Your Pet's Needs

Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

When it comes to choosing the size and capacity of a pet fountain, it's vital to consider your pet's size, breed, and drinking habits. Smaller pets will obviously need a smaller fountain, while larger breeds may require a bigger one. It's also important to take into account how much water your pet drinks on a daily basis. Cats tend to drink less than dogs, so a smaller fountain may suffice for a single cat. However, if you have multiple cats or larger breeds, you'll want to opt for a larger capacity fountain. Additionally, consider how often you'll be able to refill the fountain and whether you have access to clean and fresh water to do so. A larger capacity fountain will require less frequent refills, but make sure you also have enough space for it in your home.

Understanding Filtration Systems: Ensuring Clean and Fresh Water

Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

One of the main benefits of pet fountains is that they provide your pet with a constant supply of fresh water. However, it's important to ensure that the water is also clean and free from impurities. This is where filtration systems come in. Most pet fountains come with replaceable filters that help remove any debris, hair, and other contaminants from the water. Some advanced models also come with carbon filters that can eliminate odors and improve the taste of the water. When choosing a pet fountain, make sure to check the type and quality of the filtration system it uses to ensure your pet is getting the best and cleanest water possible.

Choosing a Power Source: Options for Convenience and Reliability

Choosing the Best Pet Fountain

As mentioned earlier, electric fountains require electricity to operate, while gravity-fed fountains rely on natural gravity. If you opt for an electric fountain, consider whether it has a long power cord or if it needs to be placed near an electrical outlet. You may also want to check if the pump has an automatic shut-off feature in case the water level drops too low. This can help prevent the pump from burning out. If you're unable to place the fountain near an electrical outlet or prefer a more eco-friendly option, there are also rechargeable and battery-operated pet fountains available. These options may be more convenient and reliable, especially during power outages.

Aesthetic Considerations: Selecting a Fountain that Complements Your Home

Pet fountains come in various designs and materials, so you can choose one that not only suits your pet's needs but also complements your home's decor. Plastic fountains may be more affordable, but they may not be as aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic or stainless steel fountains, on the other hand, are more durable and can add a touch of elegance to your home. They may also be easier to clean and maintain, making them a practical option for many pet owners. Consider which material and design will work best in your home and choose accordingly.

Maintenance and Cleaning: Keeping Your Fountain in Optimal Condition

To ensure your pet's fountain remains in optimal condition, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and cleaning. This may include regular filter changes, wiping down the fountain's surface, and deep cleaning every few weeks. It's also important to regularly check for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or leaks, and replace the fountain if necessary. Additionally, make sure to use clean and fresh water when refilling the fountain, as dirty water can quickly lead to bacterial growth and affect your pet's health.

Additional Features to Enhance Your Pet's Hydration

Aside from the basic features mentioned earlier, some pet fountains come with additional features that can further enhance your pet's hydration experience. These features may include UV lights, nightlights, multiple levels or basins, and adjustable flow settings. UV lights can help eliminate bacteria and algae, while nightlights can make it easier for your pet to access the fountain in the dark. Multiple levels or basins can be beneficial for households with multiple pets, as it allows each pet to have their own drinking space. Adjustable flow settings can also be helpful for picky pets who prefer a specific water flow. Keep in mind that these extra features may come at a higher cost, so consider which ones are necessary for your pet's needs before making a decision.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Pet Fountains

While pet fountains are designed to provide a convenient and continuous supply of fresh water for our pets, they may encounter common issues that require troubleshooting. These issues may include clogged filters, pump malfunctions, or mold and bacteria growth. To prevent these problems, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and cleaning and regularly check on the fountain's condition. If you encounter any issues, refer to the manufacturer's manual or contact their customer service for assistance.


Choosing the right pet fountain for your furry friend is an important decision that can greatly contribute to their health and well-being. By considering factors such as size, type, features, price, and maintenance, you can find the perfect fountain that not only meets your pet's needs but also fits your lifestyle and budget. Remember to choose a high-quality fountain from a reputable brand to ensure its durability and effectiveness. With the help of this guide, you can now confidently select the best pet fountain for your beloved companion.

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