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Having a puppy is always one of the best memory of dog owners. That's why we are introducing quality, customer-focused and personalized gifts to help you share your love and support with the puppy's parents. We are artists and dog parents. Our passion has driven us to help others enjoy puppy parenthood and care for their puppies better.





Hi, We're Puppipop

Say Hi To Lucky, Danny, Mia
These are the three dogs in our lives. They love and understand us just the same way we do. Our brand was created in 2018 to solve the common challenges of new pet owners. Initially, we supplied only dog toys and items, but today, we offer a comprehensive range of services by including: tops, mugs, blankets, canvas, and other personal belongings. The idea is to create fun designs for both pets and fur baby parents.

Our Founders
Henry and Haira are designers, dog parents, and founders of the Puppipop store. We love sharing our unique story because it reveals the essence of our brand. Having owned an e-commerce brand for two years, Henry was joined Haira, who had been with creative agencies for almost a decade. This partnership has blossomed and has led to one of the most exciting pet stores you would ever come across.
Henry’s story: After losing his longtime furry buddy, Henry was devastated and felt he could never have such a bond with another pet. Still, he could smile again because, on his birthday, a friend gave him one of the greatest gifts - a pug puppy. Henry was moved to tears and welcomed Danny into his life with open arms.
Haira’s story: Since childhood, Haira enjoyed the company of every dog she met. Though her parents never allowed her to have one, her love for pups never waned. Four years ago, when she moved to her own apartment, she met Mia, a little rescue. Since then, it has been nothing short of pure bliss. 

It’s All About The First-Year Experience
There are four stages in a first-year dog's life, and you need the right pet product for each stage. We have the best designs in store for the different emotional experiences you might pass through:

• Welcome home (From birth to 2 weeks): Welcome your dog home with amazing gifts and comfortable design sets as they adjust to their new environment.
• A bit overwhelmed (about 3-12 weeks): As your pup begins to hone his motor skills and reflexes, he will need toys and other training items to come through.
• Miss you like crazy (about 4-9 months): As your dog gets older, you might find yourself missing his earlier days, but with our design sets, you have nothing to worry about.
• Happy ever after (about 10-18 months): Now is the time to enjoy all the hard work you have put in in the last few months. Our gift sets will help you to celebrate your first anniversary in style.

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Get your custom products such as your own T-shirt, blanket, mug, canvas with your fur baby’s images, and much more. You can also pick pre-designed products from thousands of fur baby designs in our store. Puppipop is the right place to be if you are looking for the top quality. We put our customers first, and our exceptional products and services give you everything you need to have a thrilling experience with your pet. Shop with us today.


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