Getting yourself a dog can be alluring but training your dog is no piece of cake. People tend to get away with cute puppy-dog eyes but training a dog well is like an elephant in the room.

When getting a new dog, there is a whole list of dos and don'ts. To avoid bad dog habits later you need to settle up a whole new etiquette game right from the beginning. In this article, we will discuss a few of the common mistakes new dog owners make.

1. No before-hand knowledge

Most first-time dog owners ignore the importance of educating themselves before getting themselves a new puppy/dog. Every dog breed has different characteristics that need different tending to. Before getting any specific dog, make sure to educate yourself about it to avoid any problem about its growth or entire life cycle. For example, different dogs differ in early years' care, growth rate, diet, body mass index, and the number and interval of litter they produce.


2. Inconsistency

Consistency is the master plan when it comes to dogs! Make rules and makes sure to follow them under any circumstances. For example, letting your dog jump on you while you restrain them from doing the same with guests. This makes dogs confused and keeps them from obeying the one for all rule. Be consistent while you train your dog so that you and your dog avoid future complications.

3. Forgetting to treat their dogs

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures. They learn and condition the situations quite quickly. Most of the first-time dog owners forget to treat their dogs with presents to appreciate their conduct which doesn't tell the dogs what to continue and what to drop. Keep little presents beforehand when your dog acquires milestones or doesn't skip obedience classes.

4. Inappropriate leash or harness

Sometimes dog owners are not much concerned about leashes or harnesses. An improper or uncomfortable leash like too tight or too loose can do much worse than you think. Make sure that your dog's leash is not too loose that may cause slipping or not too tight that may cause friction and body bruises. Leashes or harnesses should be comfortable enough to make a dog feel secured and weight is evenly distributed.

5. No In-House rules

One of the other most common mistakes first-time dog owners make is having no in-house rules. Always remember to teach your dog how to behave outside as well as inside your place. Dogs are quite flexible to train and you can always take the privilege of training them well by constant efforts. You spend more time with your dog inside your house so having proper house rules are mandatory to keep an easy and trouble-free and long-lasting relationship with your pup.

6. Overfeeding

New dog owners do not know much about how and when to feed your dog. Educate yourself about proper food requirements for your dog breed. It's no secret that pups need proper nutrition and food to grow but overfeeding can make your dog obese leading to more physical growth but compromised musculoskeletal development that leads to orthopedic issues later.

First-time dog owners are very excited to get their new companion and they can keep talking about it for hours long. But, dog owners can avoid above mentioned mistakes for a complication-free time with their pup for a healthier and contented relationship with their canine buddy.

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