As your furry child approaches its first birthday, you might want to plan a birthday party with your friends and family to mark the occasion. This is a terrific chance to celebrate a year of ownership with some personalized gifts for puppies that are both fun and practical.

If there’s anything puppies love, it’s fun and plays. You can turn their first birthday into a memorable day by throwing a birthday party.

Stuff you need to do or make

Puppy birthday parties are much different from human birthday parties. These fur babies don’t enjoy sitting the night away in the dining room. 1-year old puppies need ample space for running around and a potty area.

Here's a super helpful checklist of the things you need to prepare for your puppy's first birthday party:

  • Order a yummy dog cake 
  • Choose the theme and decorations
  • Organize games and fun activities 
  • Organize music and playlist 
  • Send puppy birthday party invitations
  • Make dog goodie bags
  • Write out the schedule of party events 
  • List the party supplies that you will need for the birthday
  • Get a personalized gift for puppy

Puppy birthday party ideas

Puppy birthday parties are fun! Celebrating the ultimate puppy birthday party is a surefire mood booster. Let’s get your puppy's birthday party train of joy started!

Select a great theme

Make your puppy's first birthday party fun for both the dogs and human guests. You can do this by coming up with a great puppy party theme. There are some great birthday themes for kids that can be used for puppy birthday parties as well.

Who is invited?

Well, let’s begin with the guests. Pets need constant supervision and monitoring. So, it would be better if pet owners are invited as well.

  • The best bet is not to invite more than ten dogs to your puppy's first birthday party.
  • Try to get an even balance of male and female dogs.
  • Try to avoid inviting cats.
  • Try to avoid inviting pooches that have an aggressive temperament.

Make and send invitations

Invite your guests with amazing puppy birthday party invitations. Make your invitations personalized, fun, and special with pictures of your puppy, bones, and paw prints. Send out invitations in advance, either online or by mail. This will help your guests to have enough time to prepare. 

Party games and fun activities 

For your puppy's first birthday party, you definitely want fun activities and games to get the vibe happening!

Puppies are amazing creatures and are quite easy to please. Just make sure you have some games and fun activities planned to keep them entertained. Here are some tips for your puppy's first birthday party games:

  • Plan games that are fun and can include all the human and dog guests.
  • Get a long and sturdy rope and let the puppies play tug-of-war.
  • Puppies are fascinated with the game of fetch and other ball games. Your human guests can play fetch games along with their pups.
  • You can build an interesting agility course with jumps, tunnels, and hoops. 
  • During summers, pull out the hose and a kiddie swimming pool. Just watch how all the fun begins!
  • Don't forget the gifts and prizes! Well, you can't go wrong with personalized gifts.



With all the fun activities you are planning, your four-legged guests will surely be hungry. 

Will your puppy's birthday party need a formal sit-down meal? Not at all for dog guests, but you might need some sitting arrangements for human guests. Here are some aspects that you should keep in mind:

  • Choose healthy foods for puppies that are safe, nutritious, and non-toxic.
  • Choose puppy treats that are delicious, safe, and satisfying for the puppies.
  • Just like us, puppies also have plenty of room for snacks. Avoid feeding chocolate, candies, or gums to the puppies at the party.
  • Keeping puppies hydrated is very important! So, provide plenty of clean water for your four-legged guests.


Provide plenty of poop bags

Dogs and puppies need breaks to relieve themselves during the birthday party. Bring plenty of poop bags to the party. Make sure you pass them to puppy owners during your party. If your puppy's birthday party is indoors, organize a couple of mini-breaks for all four-legged guests to go outside and do their business. This will help you to avoid accidents inside.

Go home time

A good goodie bag is a perfect end to a great puppy birthday party. Goodie bags filled with small toys and dog treats act as a sweet gesture of saying thank you. You can buy a few dog treats and make some homemade rope toys. While buying the puppy goodie bags, keep the color scheme in mind. 

Pro parent tip: Keep in mind, treats should be given to puppies in moderation. Excess amounts of dog treats may result in a stomach upset or allergies.

The checklist for choosing the puppy birthday venue

Try to look for a venue that can support these needs.

  • The venue should be dog-friendly.
  • Think about the type of venue that would best suit your puppy's birthday party.
  • Choose a venue that’s the right size for your puppy's birthday party. It should be large enough to accommodate multiple dogs and human guests easily.
  • Just make sure that you have reserved the space ahead of time.
  • You should make sure that the venue is in an enclosed area with a fence. 
  • Make sure that there are no holes or escape areas where dogs can runoff.
  • Book a venue in a convenient location. Look for a place that is easily accessible to make travel easier.
  • Ensure the venue has space for all aspects of your event like food, activities, games, etc. Sometimes it's not clear until you make a site visit.
  • Don’t hesitate to tell them about your specific catering requirements.
  • The venue needs to have adequate parking available for the attendees.
  • When planning an outdoor venue for a dog party, make sure you have a rain plan.


It is best to have the dog party outdoors, so all dogs have an open space to run around, play, and get a bathroom place. You can have the dog party at a rental place or hold it at a dog park. 

Supplies needed for puppy's first birthday party

Party supplies are a must for your puppy’s upcoming party! There are so many cool party supplies out there to help you on your way to throwing the best puppy birthday party ever! Here's a list that can help:

  • Puppy birthday hat
  • Puppy outfit, bandanna, or bow-tie 
  • The puppy party decorations like paper flowers
  • Puppy balloon banner
  • Woof balloons
  • Dog biscuit cookie cutters
  • Safe toys for your puppy’s birthday party
  • A puppy party goodie bag
  • Pet food plates
  • Balls, frisbee, or ropes for fun activities and games 
  • Pet water bowls and plenty of water
  • Poop bags and cleaning spray
  • Dog first aid kit

Give your puppy a personalized gift

During the first year with a young puppy, you will spend so many hours housebreaking, cleaning up messes, repairing scratch marks on furniture, and making appointments with the vet. The first birthday is a valid reason for some serious puppy spoilage! 

Make your puppy’s first birthday a happy one by giving them a personalized gift. Here are some ideas for a personalized gift for your puppy:

  • Dogs love their toys and the first birthday is the ideal time to treat them with personalized dog puzzle toys or chew toys.
  • An easy way to make your puppy’s first birthday more special is by giving them personalized birthday treats.
  • Keep meaningful moments with a personalized matte canvas
  • If you want to ensure your puppy always enjoys a luxurious and restful sleep, you can give them a dog bed
  • You can treat your puppy with a personalized blanket of his own for cold days and nights.
  • You can keep your puppy's food fresh, healthy & insect-free with a personalized pet bowl. A good pet bowl makes feeding time quick, simple, and mess-free.


You can even pamper your puppy with a spa day. This could include taking your puppy to the groomer and ordering income grooming treatments. A luxurious bath, hair trim, and much more! Your puppy will be looking great on his special day.

In closing

If you are a puppy lover, you already know these puppies bring so much fun into our lives. They offer long-awaited companionship and are a source of joy and ultimate happiness. 

You can express your innate love and affection with your puppy creatively. Add a little color to your life and create some timeless memories by throwing your puppy's first birthday party. 

Don’t forget to send us an invitation!

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