Thinking about getting a new fur baby and all the wonderful adventures you’d have with your puppy?

Having a puppy running around your house is always fun. The love that a puppy can give you is priceless. You must be concerned about everything, all the excitement, and responsibilities. 

Well, many of us have invited a puppy into our home as part of the family. But is your home the perfect haven for your puppy? The homes should be designed in a way that caters to your puppy's needs.

Every puppy deserves a happy and loving home! When bringing home a puppy, you’ll need to acquire a good number of accessories. Here are some great must-haves for your puppy:

  • A soft, comfortable, and cozy bed with good support and a personalized blanket to welcome the guy.
  • A stylish crate for crate-training and house-training a puppy 
  • Puppy food and water bowls made from a safe material
  • Trendy food bowl mats to keep your house clean 
  • A toy box or chest or box to organize the toys your puppy will have. Toybox will also keep the space neat
  • Some interesting and adorable puppy toys to get started
  • Collar and leash

Here are some ideas to design your home for your new four-legged friend:

The ultimate play area 

Puppies are cheerful and energetic little creatures. They need to run around, chase and fetch balls, roll excitedly, and play tug of war. These activities can't be performed in all parts of the house. There are some areas of the house in which these enthusiastic activities are less desirable. 

You should create a designated 'play area' which your puppy knows is suitable for play. These little ones will get the stimulation they need in the play zone, without destroying your home. 

You can make the play area super fun and keep your puppy's toys over. The play area allows your puppy to play with you and also without you. You can place some great interactive toys and food toys, too. 

Since your puppy is going to be playing in that area, this means there will be some running involved. It's a great idea to put down mats so that your puppy won’t slip or injure themselves by skidding.

A throne for the puppy 

An important part of the puppy-friendly design of your house must surely be the addition of their very own comfy pet bed. After hours of playing and activities, your little fur buddy must be given his well-deserved rest. 

Every puppy should have a bed of his own to sleep. A puppy bed is a place where your fur baby can relax without feeling trapped or anxious.

You can keep your puppy safe, comfortable, cozy, and well-rested with a unique personalized blanket dog bed. Your puppy's bed should be made of self-warming and high-quality materials. It can be plush, tweed, waterproof, or tear-resistant. This will help them to relax, unwind and recharge after their busy day of play.

Here are some additional ideas to design your puppy home:

  • The puppy's bed should match with the rest of the room's decor. Choose a design that will enhance the rest of your interiors.
  • You can create a luxury crate as well with affordable DIY materials. 
  • You can even turn a closet into a puppy palace. 
  • You can add a little color to your home and hang some fun-loving puppy portraits. You can add other personalized decorative elements to the walls around the furniture or a unique personalized blanket with your own fur baby’s image 
  • You can use a personalized doormat with the friendly faces of adorable dogs.

Surveillance gear 

Leaving a puppy at home while you go out to work can be hard. However, surveillance gear is designed to keep watch over your puppy. 

Pet cameras let you check in on your furry kid while you’re away. Fortunately, there are plenty of cameras and surveillance gear on the market that let you monitor your puppy and the inside of your home.

Many pet cameras offer two-way streaming with videos from your smartphone shown on a small monitor. This will provide instant comfort to an anxious puppy.

Giving your puppy something to do 

Puppies need daily physical activity and mental stimulation. These activities alleviate boredom and prevent the development of behavioral issues like excessive barking or chewing.

You might be on the lookout for some great toys for puppies. Best puppy toys represent a fun mix of plush toys, squeaky toys, doggie puzzles, and puppy chew toys that are good for dental health.

It's important to learn what is the safest type of toy for your puppy. You can buy one or more of these toys for your puppy:

  • Rope toys
  • Teething toys
  • Chew toys
  • Kong toys. You can fill them with kibble or treats for an extra challenge.
  • Seek-a-treat puzzle toys
  • Ball toys
  • Squeaky toys
  • Plush toys

It’s a good idea to leave your puppy's favorite stuffed plush toy, ball, or other toys around. This will prevent them from destroying stuff in your absence. While you’re at work, one of the greatest personalized gifts you can give your puppy is an interactive toy to play with. It is a fantastic way to distract your puppy while you’re away!

Always check safety guidelines for puppy toys. It will also give age and size recommendations.

Pop through a doggy door

Pet Doors give your puppy easy access to indoor and outdoor areas. You can consider installing a doggy door if it’s possible. This isn’t a great option for all puppy owners and depends on where you live. It is the best way to keep them healthy, happy, and safe.

A doggy door allows your puppy to come and go freely without needing you to let them in and out. If you lead a busy life, a doggy door will provide your puppy with free access to play in the backyard and safely retreat indoors. However, if your doggy door doesn’t lead out into a fenced yard, your puppy might get lost.

No go area

Little puppies love running, jumping, and having fun in their new home. There are certain parts of your house which you do not wish your puppy to access. 

However, there are areas, like stairs, that can be hazardous for the little guy. One of the biggest dangers from stairs is injuries resulting from tumbles and falls. Going up and down the stairs can strain your puppy's joints.

You can consider a baby gate or other pet barrier that prevents your puppy from getting to the stairs or main door. This is not always ideal because pet barriers or gates are not always aesthetically pleasing.

The same goes for anywhere else in your home where you don't want to give access to your puppy. Many people don't allow their puppies in the kitchen, guestrooms, or a room with fragile items.

Puppy proof your home

Having an adorable puppy is a big responsibility that goes beyond feeding and playing. A puppy-friendly home must make special considerations to avoid puppy accidents. 

The first thing to do is puppy-proof your house and your lifestyle. Carefully consider every area of your home and think about how you can avoid any unfortunate incidents. Puppies aren't always aware of their surroundings and they don't mean to cause any trouble.

  • Tape down electrical cords, or hide them behind furniture. They are chewing hazards and can cause electrical shocks.
  • Remove trash cans, move them out of reach, or replace them with puppy-proof models, like a stainless steel trash can.
  • Put away shoes, clothing, kids’ toys, and anything else you wouldn’t want your dog playing with (or putting in their mouth) while you’re not around.
  • Don't place glasses, candles, or breakable items on tables that sit too low as they may fall if a tail wags too close.
  • Set the thermostat for a comfortable temperature. 
  • Placing plants inside your home is a popular trend. You will need to check that your indoor and outdoor plants are poisonous to dogs or not.
  • Keep cleaning supplies, like detergent and soaps, in high cabinets or secured behind doors.
  • Avoid keeping pills and other medications on low tables. Put them in a place where the puppy can't easily get to them.
  • Keep all sharp objects, like knives, scissors, razors, and tools, out of your puppy’s reach.

Use your creativity and imagination

If you want to design your home for the puppy, you need to be creative. Designing a home around a puppy is an opportunity to get creative and playful with design choices.

Of course, dogs don’t need anything fancy. The most important thing is that your home should be a safe, comfortable place for your best friend. They should stay safe and relaxed while they await your return at the end of the day.

Your thoughtful choices will make a more peaceful and playful home.

Happy decorating!

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