Summertime brings warm sunshine, refreshing air, blue skies, and countless reasons to celebrate. The refreshing summer season brings countless holidays, parties, and celebrations. Summer brings plenty of opportunity to spend time with loved ones while soaking up some sunshine. So with the refreshing warm weather approaching, you may be feeling the gifting spirit. Whether it’s for a summer birthday party or just a small gift for a puppy-parent friend, we have a few ideas just for you.

We all have that one friend who treats their puppy like it’s their child. With summer parties, there is always a need to find the perfect gift for puppy parents in your life.

If you have one or more puppy parent buddies and are struggling to find them a gift for the holidays, their birthday, or just an “I appreciate you” present, you’ve come to the right place.

We suggest getting them something that will also benefit their furry companion. Before you start freaking out over the sheer number of gift options out there, take a step back and relax. 

Best Summer Gifts For Puppy Parents

Who doesn’t love the summer? The weather is warm, the pool is open, and you have a few refreshing months to relax and do whatever you want.

The following summer gift ideas are perfect for puppy parents on any summer party gift table. Find your favorite below, add a personalized message or summer quote, or use them to inspire a gift idea of your own. These personalized gift ideas are not only fun but unique as well and will be the talk of the town this summer.

Below, we’ve pulled together a group of fantastic gift ideas for the pet owner in your life. We’re confident you’ll find something here that your recipient will love. Now go make your fellow puppy parent’s day.

  • Personalized shirt

We all know a certain proud puppy parent who would wear their dog's face on a shirt everyday if they could. Puppy parents enjoy showing off their love for puppies, and like wearing stylish shirts. 

Personalized shirts are an ideal and unique gift for the summer season. A personalized shirt is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe that shows off the love of the puppy. All you have to do is provide a picture for the designer to work with.

  • Personalized tumbler 

A personalized tumbler is a thoughtful and practical gift for puppy parents. They can enjoy a juice in the evening cuddled up to your furry baby. 

A personalized tumbler is one of those gifts that’ll keep the puppy parent smiling even at the most boring part of the day. It is a perfect way to show your puppy parents friend how much you value their pet! Your friend will smile every time they drink something in the tumbler!

Personalize this gift with your favorite photos of the puppy parent and their puppy that they’ll carry with them all summer long. Your puppy parent friend or loved one can guarantee they won’t lose track of their drink all summer long. Customize it with their name, favorite label, or other design for a gift they’re sure to love.

  • Personalized blanket
  • It's perfect to use while sleeping on the bed or lounging on the couch with the puppy! The personalized blankets can be a thoughtful gift to puppy parents during the refreshing summer season. If your puppy parent BFF values their home's aesthetic, this is the gift for them!

    These personalized blankets are as elegant as they are useful. You can personalize it with your preferred color, font, and more.

    The Summer Bucket List For Puppy Parents

    Let's be real! Summer is the perfect time to get into all the things you been putting off the entire year. The best part of the summer season is the extra time you get to spend with your puppy parent best friend. 

    This is the summer of endless possibilities. If you want to get a kickstart on planning the best summer ever, there are tons of awesome summer activities that will keep you and your puppy parent bestie entertained all season long.

    Make these summer season months stellar with the to-do list ahead, which is specially tailored for the puppy parent companions. Have so much fun!

    • Go for a hike: Walking is free, and walking in nature, freeing. You can go for a hike with your puppy parent friend, along with their pet. To avoid any mishaps, remember to maintain proper trail etiquette including observing the rules for the right-of-way.
    • Host a movie night: You can host a movie night for your puppy parent friend. Take a vote on which movie and make sure everyone dresses in pajamas. Have all the drinks and snacks prepared for the movie and enjoy your night together.
    • Paddle or swim your way around a local waterway: If you’ve got the gear, take your kayak or canoe out for a spin with the puppy parent. If you don’t own any kind of watercraft, finding a local swimming hole or lazy river to go for a quick dip is equally as fun.
    • Camp in your backyard: Do you have some camping supplies in a closet somewhere that barely get any use? You don’t have to trek to a far-off wilderness location to have any fun in nature. Use your own backyard to pitch a tent, drag out mattresses, and cook some food. Absolutely no judgment if you sneak back into the house to sleep the rest of the night.
    • Walk on the Beach: Take advantage of the sunshine and hit up the beach. With the summer season well under way, there’s no excuse not to schedule a fun day out with puppy parent friend, frolicking on the sand. There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches that you could visit.
    • Go on a Road Trip: A road trip can be a great adventure for you and your puppy parent friends. Just make sure you have something sweet for everyone to munch on!
    • Go on a Picnic: When in doubt, you can never go wrong with calling a few puppy parent friends and going on a picnic. The best part about summer is the fact that you can hang outdoors. The problem is that it’s highly unlikely that your puppy will want to stay still for a long period of time.

    Summer Gift Basket Ideas

    Wanting a few awesome ideas for a summer gift basket? Whether you’re surprising a pet parent friend for their birthday, or saying thank you, gift baskets make an amazing go-to. We’ve found a few extra special ideas below, just for your pet parent friends.

    • Beach Gift Basket: If the pet parent is a beach lover, consider making them a beach themed personalized gift basket. With personalized shirt, mug, towels, sunscreen, a good book, and a few of our other gift ideas for pet parents, there’s no end to the fun in the sun they’ll have.
    • Movie Candy Basket: Movie candy baskets are great gifts for those pet parents with either a sweet tooth or a love for movie theater. Help pet parents stock their summer candy supply with this gift basket to keep their sugar rush going all season long.
    • Garden Gift Basket: This garden gift basket is meant for a puppy parents with a green thumb. Packed with a personalized flower pot and plenty of decorative additions, this garden gift will light up any home.
    • Homemade Baked Goods Basket: If you’re a well known baker or if you know the puppy parent has a major sweet tooth, consider gifting them a basket of homemade goodies. Whether it’s full of brownies, crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, lemon bars, or anything else, they’re sure to love it

    No matter the temperature, these fun and festive gifts will keep puppy parents cool all summer long!

    Wrapping Up

    On top of warm weather essentials, personalized summer gifts can help you make the most of the sunny season.

    As summer comes and goes, remember all the great memories you had with your puppy parent family and friends with these personalized gifts. No matter what kind of gift you give to your puppy parent BFF, they will be reminded of the wonderful times they spent with you and will be thankful to have you in their lives.

    Get ready to make some amazing memories with your puppy parent BFF this summer.

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