The simplest way to bond and exercise your puppy is simply by taking him for a walk. A stroll around the park or the neighborhood helps stimulate your fur baby's heightened senses. A walk will not only allow the puppy to socialize with people, dogs, sights, and smells but also help release that pent up energy.

Let's have a look at some tips for puppies who are impossible to walk. 

  • 1. Show your puppy that leash pulling is an unpleasant behavior
  • Don’t allow your puppy to pull when he's on a leash. When he starts to pull, stand still until the leash relaxes. When the leash is adequately relaxed, continue on your walk. Your puppy will soon realize that what he is doing is not pleasing. You must ensure to not allow him to move forward in the direction he is pulling.

  • 2. Know your puppy's stamina
  • As a puppy owner, you are the best judge of your puppy's stamina and how far they can walk. Puppies have limited stamina, no matter what the breed. This can gradually build up as your little puppy gets older and more mature. 

  • 3. Use the right collar and leash
  • It's always better to keep your puppy on its leash in public areas. Leash train your puppy before taking him for a walk. Choose the right type of leash and collar that will give you greater control over your puppy. Go for a leash that is durable and comfortable.

    Never use a choke chain, slip or shock collars on your puppies while walking. This will be damaging for puppies in the long run.

  • 4. Scoop the poop! Just in case!
  • Always be prepared! Bring a plastic bag and scoop to clean up after your puppy, just in case! This will assist in removing harmful bacteria from public places and local waterways.

  • 5. Avoid walking your puppy in extreme temperatures 
  • Extreme heat and cold can affect the health of your puppy. Some puppies are more susceptible to extreme temperatures than others. Try to protect yourself and your puppy from excessive heat and sunburn. Take your puppy for a walk during the cooler parts of the day. Having a jacket for them in the cold and watching their paws in hot weather is a must.

  • 6. Bring along plenty of water
  • Always take fresh water with you for your puppy to drink. Puppies that go for regular walks need a lot of hydration. No matter what the breed is, your puppy might get dehydrated during a walk, particularly in warm weather.

  • 7. Make sure your puppy is properly identified
  • Always ensure that your puppy is properly identified and wears ID tags whenever they leave the house. There are many options to make your puppy properly identified. You can use a personalized collar with your name and up-to-date contact number. The other option is to microchip your puppy. The microchip is encoded with unique and current identification and is implanted just under your puppy's skin of the neck. 

  • 8. Wear reflective gear during the evening and nighttime 
  • If you frequently walk your puppy at night, you should invest in some reflective gear like hi-visibility jackets, reflective collars, reflective leash, or reflective boots. This will ensure the safety of you and your puppy while you walk at night. 

  • 9. Bring along some treats
  • Wherever you take your puppy for a walk, there will be distractions. Your puppy will listen to you when you have treats in your hand. Bring along some delicious and healthy puppy treats with you. Reward your puppy with praises and treats on and off. 

  • 10. Stick to a routine
  • Puppies enjoy and thrive on a regular routine. You should try to stick to a consistent routine for walking. This means taking your puppy to a scheduled walk that happens around the same time each day and at the same places. This will be something that your puppy will look forward to each day. Your puppy will be well-behaved and much calmer.

  • 11. Hire a dog walker
  • Puppies need regular walks to stay healthy and happy. If you cannot spare enough time for your puppy's exercise, consider a professional dog walker. A dog walker can also help you with your puppy training. Your adorable puppies will be in safe hands wherever they go.

    Pro Tip: When taking your puppy out for a walk, never leave them unattended and unsupervised.

    Remember that you need to be consistently firm and patient with your puppy but not harsh. He will turn out to be a well-behaved walking companion. Praising your puppy and showering with delicious treats during the walk is rewarding for you and your puppy.

    Be patient and consistent with your puppy

    Teaching your puppy to behave on a leash takes a lot of patience. You can easily get frustrated to stop your puppy from pulling on the leash. Keep your mind open and be consistent during leash training sessions. Skipping sessions will only get your puppy confused about what is best for him.

    You need to keep in mind that pulling is a natural behavior for puppies and they need time to learn and self-control. Motivating your puppy and letting him burn his pent up before the walk is a good way to set yourself up for success.

    Things to avoid while walking your puppy

    You can take some precautions while walking a puppy for a walk. Here are few things you should avoid while walking your puppies:

  • Don't force your puppy
  • Puppies often sense when bad weather is approaching hours before you even hear the thunder. Some puppies become anxious and dislike going out for a walk. Always respect your puppy's preferences. Don't force anxious dogs to go for a walk. It will only make matters worse. The best thing for fearful dogs is to stay at home and play interactive games with them instead.

  • Don't walk on a busy road
  • Be mindful of the area you want to take your puppy on a walk in the rain. Don't walk your puppy on busy roads. In case you need to go on a busy road, you can keep your puppy close to your side while walking next to busy roads.

  • Don't let your puppy go near puddles
  • The stagnant puddle might contain a variety of bacterial, parasites, and chemical hazards. It can be harmful and even fatal for your puppy. Don't let your puppy go near puddles while walking in the rain. There are many dog-friendly places where you can safely take your puppy. 

  • Don't bring a sick puppy for a walk 
  • If your puppy has a compromised immune system or is sick, it's better not to take them for a walk, especially in warm weather or in the rain. They may become more sick by walking.

    Should I walk my puppy in the rain?

    Most puppy owners have no issue walking puppies in rain, as long as it's done properly. The rain itself won't cause puppies to get sick but it's better to keep them indoors during rain. There are certain risks of taking your puppy in the rain.

    • Puppies with a compromised immune system are at high risk of getting sick.
    • Winter rain can put your puppy at risk of hypothermia. Wet conditions in cold weather might contribute to pneumonia.
    • Puddles can contain toxic chemicals, bacteria, and parasites that are harmful to puppies.

    As long as you ensure that your puppy remains safe and dry while walking in the rain, it shouldn’t have any negative impact on your puppy’s health.

    Final Thoughts 

    A daily walk will make your puppy happy and healthy. Puppies enjoy exploring different sights and smells. They will really look forward to spending time with you. 

    Your puppy loves spending time with you, but it might take some time to get him to feel comfortable during walks. Have a constant check on your puppy’s behavior to ensure that your puppy is not becoming stressed or exhausted.

    If you don't provide enough activities and physical stimulation, your puppy can easily become bored or destructive. Have a constant check on your puppy’s behavior to ensure that your pup is not becoming tired or exhausted. 

    Now go on and make use of these puppy walking tips. You should also try to wear something supportive and comfortable during the walk.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this article! Did you find this article helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts and questions. We would be happy to hear from you!

    Until next time everyone!

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