A new year brings new goals, renewed hope and 365 days of opportunity for you and your puppy to bond and discover new ways to live a full life.

As 2021 comes to a close, we look forward to spending time with our puppies in 2022. And if you’re a puppy owner, you want to ensure your best fur friend kicks off the new year right, too.

Don’t forget to have fun!

While you want you to be prepared for any potential dangers, you also want to make sure you have fun with your puppy as you wave goodbye to 2021 and say hello to 2022. Below is a list of activities you can try with your puppy for a fun celebration:

  • Don your dapper apparel: Dress up with your puppy to make for a very Instagram-worthy New Year’s Eve. 
  • Cuddle up for a movie marathon: This is the perfect activity for those looking for a comfortable night in. Just cuddle up with your puppy on the couch, munch your snacks, and relax. Think of it this way: when everyone else is probably tired and drunk, you’re relaxing with your favorite little guy.
  • Have a baking party: Invite some of your friends and their furry friends over and have fun baking some puppy-friendly treats. 
  • Watch the ball drop together! What better way to ring in the New Year than with kisses from your favorite furry friend?
  • Dog-Friendly treats and cocktails: New Year’s celebrations need lots of tasty treats and cocktails. Don’t leave your puppies out of the deliciousness. Whip up a batch of dog-friendly treats. 
  • Get a fresh do: What better time than the New Year to reinvent yourself? And how better to do it than with a new haircut? Treat your puppy to a trip to the groomer for a fresh haircut. It might just put a little spunk in his step at the dog park!

Enjoy the warm personalized blanket with your puppy

Keep in mind, it can be tough for our puppies to stay up so late. If your puppy is getting a bit tired of the noise and partying, set up a separate room where they can relax.

Snuggling up with your puppy does not have to be business as usual. It can be made memorable. You can make it special by decorating your bed with new toys and getting personalized blankets for your puppy. 

A personalized gift is always a thoughtful idea, and doubly so when it's something useful, like a blanket! A personalized blanket definitely is a perfect, lovely, and snuggly gift for your puppy at new year's eve! 

You can get creative with your personalization. A personalized blanket makes for great pictures. You can add meaningful words or pictures or both. It can be personalized with both text and graphics. Just make it a memorable and completely one-of-a-kind gift.

A personalized blanket can have an exceptional combination of comfort and meaning. Your puppy will never want an ordinary blanket again. It also provides visual interest for the little fur baby. It will keep them warm and help them feel safe, secure, and comfortable on new year's eve.

A personalized blanket is both a practical and useful gift, as well as a beautiful keepsake as the puppy grows. Here are some of the benefits of personalized blankets

  • A suitable gift for everyone: A personalized blanket is a suitable gift for any little fur baby.
  • Your selectivity will show: A personalized blanket decorated with the puppy's name will demonstrate that you have thought about something special and cute for the puppy.
  • Your gift will be unique: When buying a personalized blanket as a gift, you will not have to worry that someone else has bought the same distinctive gift as you have, which is made with special care and love.
  • A memory to be preserved: The more personal a gift is, the longer it is kept. Most likely, the personalized blanket will be kept even after the puppy is all grown up.
  • Harder to lose! When going on trips or visiting a family, it will be easier for puppy parents to distinguish a personalized blanket and therefore harder to lose it.

The personalized blankets are perfect to put in their puppy crate too. It will make the crate more appealing and inviting for them. Your puppy will absolutely love how warm, cozy, and fluffy it feels. 

Keeping your puppy safe on new year's eve

Puppies are part of the family and deserve the very best. They are cute bundles of energy and are always full of fun, life, and love. Here are a few cool tips to help your puppy enjoy new year's eve celebrations. 

  • Stay at home

One simple truth to celebrating New Year’s Eve with your puppy is that it is best celebrated with your puppy at him. It's not a must to take your puppy out to a party or traveling. At home, your puppy will be safe and not have access to free food from party-goers, spilled drinks, or unknown objects to chew on.

  • Keep puppies away from dangerous food 

The festive eve is celebrated with foods including chocolate cakes, grapes, cookies, pies, and alcoholic beverages. These are all toxic to puppies. Chocolates are among the most dangerous foods for puppies. You must ensure that your puppy must not get any of it.

Avoid offering your puppy cooked bones as they are likely to splinter and can cause severe damage to your puppy's stomach and intestines.

  • Be careful with New Year eve lights

Bright, colourful, and shiny lights are hard to resist for your puppy. The fairy lights are tempting chew items and can pose a real threat to your puppy. Be sure that the cords are out of reach of your puppy. Block access to any loose cords or wires. Always turn off the lights when leaving your furbaby unattended.

  • Update your puppy's microchip

One of the most important tasks is to update your puppy's microchip. You need to update your microchip information with your current contact info and address. In case your puppy gets lost, this information will help you to reunite with your little furry family member.

  • Don’t let puppies near fireworks 

Everyone loves fireworks during the new year eve celebration. Most puppies are frightened of them. The loud noise of the fireworks might scare them and many of them become overly stressed out.

You must ensure that your puppy is safe and away from the fireworks’ leftovers. Your puppy's fragile fur can easily catch fire if it gets too close to a flame. Fireworks and sparklers have toxic ingredients in them. You should be mindful of where they are stored. You don’t want your puppy to be sniffing around these chemicals! Loud noise from fireworks can cause hearing loss in puppies if they are too close when they explode.

Make new year resolutions for you and your puppy to do together

Want to make 2022 the year you get fit? Sign up for a new dog sport like agility for the two of you to get in shape together. Commit to a daily walk or a weekly adventure for the coming year.

Of course, our puppies would appreciate it if we made resolutions that involve more walks, treats, and cuddles. You’ll be more likely to stick to your resolutions if your puppy is involved. You can do all of those things relatively safely and physically distanced. Besides, it’s more fun with your puppy anyway.

Whether you’re focused on a New Year’s resolution for your puppy, yourself, or both, you don’t have to wait for the ball to drop to begin. Work toward these goals at any time of the year for a healthier and more fulfilling life with your puppy. 

So, get excited! This is your year to get healthy and bond with your puppy.

Final thoughts

Whichever option you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your puppy, what matters most is spending quality time on that eve with your puppy. When it reaches midnight, hug your puppy and wish him or her a happy new year. 

Hopefully, we can all resolve to be even better pet parents in the coming year. Do not forget to take pictures to keep the memories alive.

Do you have any more ideas to celebrate new year's eve with your puppy? Let us know in the comments. We would be happy to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

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